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Welcome to my post on SAP SD S/4 HANA Sales !

There are lots of students/prospects who wants to make their career in SAP by getting training in SAP SD or SAP SD S/4 HANA Sales but still, they are struggling to get the job even though they are trained on their particular module along with dummy project.

However, I would advise to students/prospects who wants to make their career in SAP , those students/prospects should have functional/domain experience to understand the business so that they can correlate the training module with their functional experience. Usually, it gets easy to grab the SAP training if you have good domain experience and if you do not have such kind of experience then you can learn the SAP with their respective module but it would be very difficult to visualize with the real time scenarios in business which is very important and if you have this combination domain experience plus SAP trained on particular module then this would be good change to get the job in SAP.

Moreover, I also understand the current situation of market in which prospects/students struggling a lot to get the job in SAP even though he/she have this combination domain experience plus SAP trained on particular module because of lack of experience in SAP as a Consultant but there is another option to start your career in SAP in which you can do your job as a SAP end user and you can gain experience at ground level how the end user process the business transaction in SAP system in real time and what kind of issue user face while processing transaction in SAP system. How business run on SAP system on real time scenarios. It would be very helpful for freshers.

So, I suggest to all of you if you are serious to make your career in SAP then start with end user job in SAP if you are not getting the job as a SAP consultant from a long time, at least you will gain something in SAP and this would be very helpful to move ahead for consultant position.

BUT, please do not use any fake experience in resume because it can ruin your career so, go through with the basics of SAP SD or S/4 HANA sales and try to get the job on the basis of your knowledge.

Guys, I am going to write this blog on SAP SD S/4 HANA Sales module in which I will try to explain each and every topic and cover all the possible business scenarios.

Although, we will discuss on SAP SD S/4 HANA Sales but you should have good basic knowledge on SAP SD module or some experience. Now a days, every companies are migrating from SAP to SAP HANA system because of the performance of HANA system and lots of projects are going into the market for migration.

Thanks for reading my blog on SAP guidance and will post new blog on SAP HANA so, please continue to read my blog and post your comment if you have any question on SAP SD or HANA.

7 thoughts on “SAP Guidance for Freshers !

    1. Dear Sajjad,

      Please ready my blog on S/4 HANA Sales then you will have better understanding on S/4 HANA because I have started this blog particular on SAP S/4 HANA Sales with basics.
      Thanks and Happy Learning.

      Rajeev Monga

  1. Hello ,
    I want to learn sap sd module.
    Where and how can I start learning it.
    How can I do practice.
    Please guide me.

    1. Dear Learner,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      There are lots of content on the internet related to SAP SD module but I would recommend you a book Glyn C William for SAP SD which will help to learn basics of SAP SD.

      Apart from this, initially you can get the SAP SD training from any institute in your region for better understanding with practical session and they will provide you system access for practice. This is how you can start learning SAP SD module.

      Moreover, if you have any domain experience in sales then it would be better for you to learn SAP SD because domain experience will help you to understand the business scenario but it is not mandatory. If you are completely fresher then you can also learn SAP SD and do more practice on system so that you can familiar with the system screen and understand the business by using the system.

      Please let me know if you still need guidance on same and keep vising on my blog to update yourself.

      Thanks and Happy Learning..!!

      Rajeev Monga

    1. Hi Rahul,

      It is totally depend on your knowledge in SAP SD , if you well versed in your subjected then definitely, you will get it. Please try to get end user job in SAP if you are not getting consulting job. You will learn so many thing in end user job as well and later you can try to find out consulting job in SAP SD.
      All the best..!!


      Rajeev Monga

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