SAP Activate Methodology for Project Implementation.

SAP Activate Methodology for Project Implementation.

Previuosly, we were using ASAP methodology for SAP project implementation but when SAP launched SAP S/4 HANA then this ASAP methodology has migrated to SAP Activate methodology which is Agile methodology of project implementation and ASAP methodology(a traditional WATERFALL method of project implementation) is no longer updated by SAP.

Now, SAP recommends to implement SAP project by using SAP activate methodology.

SAP Activate Methodology is a modular and agile framework for implementation or migration of SAP solutions that provides content and guidance for project teams. It supports project teams through all stages of your project, from initial planning, through requirements implementation, to the on-going improvement of your SAP solution.

SAP Activate Methodology is a combination of SAP Best Practices, Guided configurations, and Methodology optimized for S/4HANA.

Best Practices:-

Readily configured business processes based on industry best practices.


SAP Guidance to accelerate implementation and optimization.

Guided configuration:-

Tools to help activate best practices content and make customized adjustments.

There are two variants of ACTIVATE methodology:-

A) SAP Activate Methodology for cloud solution

B) SAP Activate Methodology for on-premise solutions

A) SAP Activate Methodology for cloud solution:-

The methodology for Cloud solutions provides Software as a Services, where the new system installation & management occur outside of the project.

B) SAP Activate Methodology for on-premise solutions:-

The SAP Activate methodology for on-premise solutions is designed to support project teams in the new implementation of SAP solutions in on-premise deployment model.

SAP Activate supports 3 types of transactions

  • New Implementation
  • System Conversion
  • Landscape Transformation

SAP Methodology consists of Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy & Run phases.

SAP Activate Methodology for Project Implementation.

Discover Phase:-

According to the SAP documentation the purpose of the Discover phase is to discover the solution capabilities, understand the business value and benefits of the solution to customerโ€™s business, determine the adoption strategy and roadmap in alignment with understanding the solution capabilities and product roadmap.

Prepare Phase:-

The team initiates and plans a project that includes risk and quality management plans. The environment is built and includes best practices for ready-to-run approaches.

Explore Phase:-

In general, the client team will explore SAP solutions while the system integrator analyzes the clientโ€™s business. Combined, they utilize fit/gap analysis to identify extensions and configurations to meet the clientโ€™s requirements.

Realize Phase:-

The project team extends and configures the system, used the prioritized requirements as defined within the Explore phase. Build and configuration occur in shorter cycles, thereby ensuring validation and feedback from the client. Data migration and structured testing ensure high quality.

Deploy & Run Phase:-

Final preparation ensures the users, system, and data are prepared for transition to productive utilization. This transition includes set up and launch support that leads to turning operations over to the business managing the environment.


SAP Activate Methodology combines guided configuration, SAP best practices, and methodology that gives you the capability to streamline your companyโ€™s build- and run activities. This represents a giant step forward in exploiting the potential and power of SAP S/4HANA. It uses the agile approach, which advances greater flexibility and lowers total cost of ownership. Plus, S/4HANA improves user experience through the Fiori front end application for a quick, well-executed implementation.

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