SAP S/4 HANA- Delta changes in Pricing & Condition Technique.

S/4 HANA Delta changes in Pricing and Condition Technique

Changes in Pricing

Business documents within the SAP Business Suite, such as the sales order or the purchase order, are used to store the pricing result in database table KONV.

Table KONV has been made obsolete and they have not provided any corresponding VIEW for the transparent table with the same name.

Delta changes in Pricing and Condition Technique

New table PRCD_ELEMENTS is replacing the KONV table.

KONV is empty in S/4 HANA. Unlike MKPF, BKPF which are still populated for new transactions in S/4 HANA along with MATDOC and ACDOCA tables, KONV/KONP are not populated at all, neither for the old data nor for new transaction data. PRCD_ELEMENTS is the single source of truth for condition records.

KONV is frequently used in custom developments related to MM, SD, FI modules. If we are moving to S/4 HANA then we are bound to replace all the select queries on KONV/KONP tables to direct the query to the new table PRCD_ELEMENTS.

So, we found that SAP has created a CDS View for KONV. It is christened as V_KONV_CDS.

Delta changes in Pricing and Condition Technique

One of SAP‘s primary design goals was to keep business applications that use pricing stable. Consequently, the technical realization of the above changes has led to the following results:

  • A new database table called PRCD_ELEMENTS has been introduced to replace the KONV table’s function of storing document conditions.
  • The database layer is now clearly separated. Access to it has to be channeled through newly provided APIs and a CDS view.
  • All layers above the database layer are still using the classical KONV field properties to ensure compatibility and stability. Therefore, KONV is continued in all these layers as a structure definition in the data dictionary.

Changes in the Data Model

The following figure shows the main differences in the data model of the pricing result data:

Delta changes in Pricing and Condition Technique

The data elements of some fields in the new database table PRCD_ELEMENTS have been changed compared to their KONV equivalents.

Delta changes in Pricing and Condition Technique

Impact on Customer DDIC enhancements

If you have added an append structure to database table KONV in the source release, you must also add an append structure with the same fields (same field names, same data types) to the new structure PRCS_ELEMENTS_DATA which is included in database tables PRCD_ELEMENTS and PRCD_ELEM_DRAFT and structure PRCS_ELEMENTS.

Do not append your fields to PRCD_ELEMENTS directly. You have to add the append structure to PRCS_ELEMENTS_DATA in conversion phase SPDD. This is necessary because only then will the automatic data conversion from KONV to PRCD_ELEMENTS convert the content of the append fields to the new database table PRCD_ELEMENTS.


the new persistence needs the document currency of the corresponding document. In order to reduce the downtime during migration, the corresponding documents are not read in – instead, the currency field will be filled with the technical currency ‘2’ (indicating two decimals). This ensures a consistent

conversion and enables the customer to immediately start working with the data. However, SAP recommends exchanging this provisional solution with the correct document currency. We have provided the report

PRC_MIG_POST_PROCESSING, which is to be executed as soon as possible after the down time. Doing so adjusts the currency and the field values where necessary. This works independent of client. When starting the report, you can ignore the test-mode variable input. Following execution, the report will display the execution log. All logs are also stored in table PRC_MIG_LOG.

Please note that it is always save to rerun the program.


As mentioned above, the document currency field WAERK in table PRCD_ELEMENTS needs to be filled with the currency of the related document header. It is recommended that you do so in the postprocessing step of the migration using report PRC_MIG_POST_PROCESSING. For customers’ own document-like objects, a similar conversion report should be developed. See

PRC_MIG_POST_PROCESSING for more information about how to adjust all necessary data when exchanging the currency.

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